About Our Accommodation


Indulge in sumptuous dining experiences without leaving the comfort of Goodwin House. Our evening meals, served three times a week, typically on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, are a testament to our commitment to providing quality, choice, and excellent value for money.

For just £11, you can feast on a selection of classic and heartwarming dishes. Our menu features a variety of options, including Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie, Lasagna al Forno, Fish Pie, and Vegetable Tagine, each lovingly prepared to satisfy your culinary cravings. In keeping with the relaxed and homely atmosphere, we invite our guests to bring their own drinks, including wine or beer, which can be chilled in our guest fridge located in the dining room.

Planning an adventure-filled day in the great outdoors? Our packed lunches, available for just £5.50, are perfect companions for your day trips. Pick them up at breakfast, and you’re set for the day. Each packed lunch includes a choice of sandwiches, crisps, a piece of fruit, and a cake or biscuit. As a complimentary service, we’re more than happy to fill up your water bottles or hot drinks flasks.

Guests can choose from a variety of sandwich fillings, including ham salad, mature cheddar and local chutney, tuna and red onion mayonnaise, or hummus, falafel, and carrot, all optionally served with salad. We also cater to special dietary requirements, offering gluten-free options and making every effort to accommodate other specific dietary needs.

Whether you’re dining in or grabbing a meal to go, Goodwin House promises a delightful dining experience that complements the tranquillity and comfort of your stay.


At Goodwin House, we pride ourselves on being more than a bed and breakfast — we are your gateway to a fully immersive Keswick experience. As Ambassadors for Theatre by the Lake, we’re thrilled to enhance your stay with exclusive discounts on theatre tickets, bringing the rich culture and vibrant arts scene of the Lake District right to your fingertips.

Theatre by the Lake, nestled on the shores of Derwentwater, is one of the UK’s most remote and remarkable professional theatres. From thrilling dramas to laugh-out-loud comedies and riveting musicals, the theatre offers an array of productions that promise to captivate and entertain. As part of our Ambassador partnership, we’re delighted to extend discounted tickets to our guests — giving you the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable performances without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re an avid theatre-goer or a casual fan, this partnership enhances your Keswick visit with a touch of culture and entertainment. There’s nothing like rounding off a day of exploring the fells with a captivating performance at Theatre by the Lake. And the best part? It’s all available at a discounted rate, exclusively for our guests at Goodwin House.

Our commitment as Ambassadors extends beyond providing discounted tickets. We’re here to ensure you get the most out of your theatre experience. Need help choosing a show? Interested in learning more about the theatre’s history or current season? We’re always on hand to assist.

A stay at Goodwin House is more than a stay. It’s your ticket to a richer, more enjoyable Keswick experience. So why wait? Book with us and immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and unparalleled hospitality of Goodwin House and Keswick.


Life can be a whirlwind. It brings with it a plethora of challenges – stress, health issues, family and relationship matters, work pressure, financial concerns, and more. Sometimes, what we all need is an escape, a haven that can help us restore our energy, recharge our spirit, recuperate from the everyday demands, and refresh our minds.

Goodwin House is designed to be that sanctuary. Positioned amidst the serene natural landscapes of Keswick, we offer a unique experience that nurtures rejuvenation, relaxation, and rest. We believe in providing a peaceful retreat where you can replenish your spirits while distancing yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We provide a tranquil and supportive environment where guests can momentarily set aside their troubles and immerse themselves in the calming ambiance of nature. We also welcome younger guests, and those who love the great outdoors would find a home away from home here.

Guests from all over the world, from the North East of England to the distant corners of the United States, Australia, Germany, Holland, India, and South America, have found solace and joy in their stay at Goodwin House.

However, our doors are not open to everyone. We consciously curate a space that fosters peace and tranquillity. Therefore, guests looking for loud parties or indulging in excessive drinking are not our target visitors.

So, if you’re seeking an escape from the every day, a place to restore, recuperate, recharge, rejuvenate, refresh, relax, replenish, and rest, Goodwin House awaits you with open arms. Leave the world behind and immerse yourself in a restful retreat, perfectly curated to help you navigate life’s challenges with renewed vigour.


Nestled in the heart of Keswick, Goodwin House is more than just a tranquil getaway – it’s a springboard to an exhilarating world of watersports. Situated a mere ten-minute stroll from the pristine waters of Derwentwater, we’re in the perfect location for those who love to get their feet wet and hearts pumping.

Imagine waking up and being a short walk away from the cool waters of Derwentwater, one of the most enchanting bodies of water in the Lake District. This picturesque lake serves as an adventure hub for water enthusiasts, offering a myriad of activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, wild swimming, and sailing.

Whether you’re a seasoned watersport enthusiast or a curious beginner eager to dip your toes into something new, you’ll find no shortage of thrilling activities to immerse yourself in. Explore the lake at your own pace on a paddleboard, navigate its clear waters by kayak, or engage in a refreshing wild swim in one of England’s cleanest lakes. For those who prefer a laid-back approach, the Keswick Launch offers peaceful lake cruises with breathtaking views of the surrounding fells and forests.

But it’s not just the proximity to Derwentwater that makes Goodwin House the ideal base for your watersport adventures. After a day of aquatic activities, return to the cosy comfort of your room, where you can freshen up and unwind before heading out to explore the nearby town centre or simply relax in the tranquillity of our guesthouse.

Goodwin House is your launchpad for exciting water adventures and your peaceful retreat after a day full of action. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a peaceful paddler, or someone who enjoys tranquil boat rides, our prime location brings you the best of Keswick’s watersports offerings right to your doorstep.

Come to Goodwin House and dive into an unforgettable Lake District adventure where thrilling water experiences are always just a short stroll away!

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At Goodwin House, we invite you to leave your car behind and immerse yourself in the effortless accessibility of Keswick. With our prime location, excellent public transport links, and free on-street parking, you’ll find that exploring the Lake District has never been more straightforward.

Upon arrival, settle in, park up, and forget about driving for the rest of your stay. You’ll find the bustling town centre of Keswick just a leisurely 3-minute walk away, offering a wealth of restaurants, shops, and local attractions right on your doorstep. For those looking to venture further afield, our guesthouse is only a 5-minute stroll from the nearest bus stop, offering regular services to a variety of popular destinations across the Lake District.

Need to catch a train? No problem. The nearest train station is in Penrith, just a 20-minute drive away. And with frequent, reliable public transport links connecting Penrith to Keswick, you can easily make the journey by bus or taxi. This flexibility allows you to design your Lake District adventure exactly how you want it, whether that means a day trip to another town or an afternoon exploring the local surroundings.

But it’s not just about getting around — it’s about getting back. After a day of Lake District explorations, the thought of a peaceful retreat to Goodwin House is always a comforting one. Our guesthouse offers not just a comfortable bed and a warm breakfast, but also the peace of mind knowing that you’re staying in a location that puts convenience first.

So, whether you’re planning to soak up the town’s vibrant scene or explore the stunning vistas of the Lake District, you can do so with ease from Goodwin House. Leave the logistics to us and focus on what matters most — creating unforgettable memories.


When it comes to unwinding, location is everything. That’s why Goodwin House in Keswick is a true gem, offering the tranquility of a quiet residential area while being just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant town centre.

Nestled in a peaceful corner of Keswick, Goodwin House is a haven of calm. Despite being only a three-minute walk away from the bustling town centre, our location is cherished by guests for its exceptional quietness.

With its position on a serene residential street, Goodwin House is far enough from the town’s hustle and bustle to enjoy the soothing sounds of nature, yet close enough to enjoy Keswick’s charming shops, cafes, and attractions without hassle.

This unique balance is what sets Goodwin House apart. It’s a place where you can retreat from the day’s adventures, soak in the calm, and recharge for your next escapade. After a day exploring the Lake District’s landscapes, what could be better than returning to the peaceful embrace of Goodwin House?

What makes Goodwin House truly special is the sense of peace that pervades it. Here, the tranquility is not just in the location, but in every part of the guesthouse experience. From the quiet corners of our well-appointed rooms to the relaxed ambience of our dining area during breakfast, tranquility is our hallmark.

So whether you’re looking for a quiet place to unwind after a busy day, or a restful base for your Lake District adventure, Goodwin House offers a sanctuary of quiet in the heart of Keswick. Escape the noise, embrace the tranquility, and discover the restful retreat that is Goodwin House.

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At Goodwin House, we invite you to escape the clamour of daily life and rediscover tranquility in our adults-only bed and breakfast. Tucked away in the enchanting town of Keswick, our guesthouse serves as a sanctuary of relaxation where you can take a well-deserved pause, restore your energy, and rejuvenate your spirit.

For some, tranquility comes in the form of deep, restful sleep in our well-appointed rooms, each designed for maximum comfort and peace. Others may find rejuvenation through quiet mornings spent with a book in our serene garden, or evenings spent stargazing after a day of Lake District adventures.

Looking for a recharge? Fuel your day with our hearty, catered-to-you breakfasts, featuring a variety of healthy and indulgent options. Savour every bite while knowing that your dietary needs and preferences are cared for with thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

For those seeking rest and recuperation, the peaceful atmosphere of Goodwin House is coupled with the calming effect of our surroundings. From the serene vistas of Lake Derwentwater to the lush fells enveloping Keswick, the Lake District’s natural beauty itself is a balm for weary souls.

We’ve chosen to make Goodwin House a child-free B&B to provide a tranquil space where guests can refresh and replenish without interruption. This choice ensures that whether you’re here to rest after a day’s adventure, relax in a peaceful environment, or simply have a break from your routine, you can do so in a calm and quiet setting.

At Goodwin House, we invite you to step away from the everyday, to relax, restore, and recharge. It’s more than just a stay—it’s a revitalizing experience tailored to the needs of each adult guest, providing the perfect balance of comfort, tranquility, and care.

Wake up to the irresistible aroma of a freshly cooked breakfast at Goodwin House! Our extensive menu offers a range of options, from a hearty Cumbrian breakfast featuring locally sourced ingredients, to lighter, healthier alternatives. Whatever your preference, our delicious breakfasts are made to order and served fresh every morning.

For the health-conscious guest, our homemade ‘Goodwin’ granola, fresh fruits, and a selection of yogurts provide a nutritious start to your day. If you prefer a more traditional breakfast, choose our Goodwin House Cumberland Breakfast or indulge in our smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, all served alongside our freshly brewed Pennington’s Lakeland Blend loose leaf tea or coffee.

We celebrate variety and cater to all dietary needs, offering both vegetarian and vegan options. Try our delightful Vegan Breakfast, brimming with plant-based goodness, or our Light and Healthy Superfood Breakfast, topped with smashed avocado and your choice of additions.

But our breakfasts aren’t just about the food. We’re committed to making your morning as relaxed as possible, with breakfast served at your convenience between 08:00 and 08:50. Need an earlier start? Just let us know the night before, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Your dietary needs and preferences are important to us. Simply fill in the breakfast order form by 8pm the night before, and we’ll tailor-make your breakfast to ensure efficient service and satisfaction.

So, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or have specific dietary requirements, rest assured, there’s a scrumptious breakfast waiting for you each morning at Goodwin House. Start your day the Goodwin way, with a breakfast that caters to your palate and nourishes your body.


At Goodwin House, we strive to create a bed and breakfast experience that’s not only memorable for our guests, but also supportive of our local community and environment. Our commitment to sustainability and supporting local businesses is evident in the products and services we offer, demonstrating our belief in the power of a thriving, supportive community.

A cornerstone of our ethos is the close relationship we share with many local producers. From our breakfast table to our guest amenities, we source as much as possible from our local partners, ensuring that your stay with us also contributes to supporting the wider Keswick community.

Take a bite of our toast topped with jams and conserves from Wild & Fruitful, a local business established on the picturesque Lingholm Estate across Derwentwater. Sip on a comforting cup of tea or indulge in a delicious biscuit from Penningtons, another local supplier hailing from Kendal. Even your morning shower at Goodwin House is a locally sourced experience, with luxury vegan toiletries from Pure Lakes.

No breakfast at Goodwin House would be complete without our Cumberland sausages, sourced from Harrison’s family butcher in Cockermouth, the proud home of this Cumbrian specialty. We also serve free-range eggs from Scales Farm in Embleton, where the hens have the luxury of roaming freely. These relationships not only ensure that we provide our guests with the highest quality food and products, but also allow us to contribute to the sustainability of our community.

We firmly believe in the strength of communities that support each other, and we’re proud to do our part in fostering these relationships. By choosing to stay with us, you’re not only embarking on a memorable visit to Keswick, but you’re also playing a role in sustaining the vibrant community that makes this area so special. At Goodwin House, you’re not just our guest — you’re part of our community.


Travelling alone can bes a beautiful adventure, offering you the chance to discover new places at your own pace. At Goodwin House, we aim to provide solo travelers with a cosy, welcoming base to explore the enchanting surroundings of Keswick.

With two dedicated single ensuite rooms, ‘Latrigg’ and ‘Blencathra,’ we offer the perfect accommodations tailored to the needs of solo adventurers. Each room is designed with your comfort in mind, providing all the amenities you need to rest and recharge after a day of exploration.

Stepping into Goodwin House, you’ll be greeted with a friendly and helpful welcome from our staff. We’re always on hand to offer insider tips about the best places to visit, dine, and explore in Keswick. You’ll never feel alone during your stay – unless, of course, you desire solitude, which we respect and ensure.

The beauty of our location is that you’re just a 3-minute walk away from the heart of Keswick Town Centre. You can easily wander into town for shopping, sightseeing, or simply soaking up the local atmosphere. But, if you prefer to enjoy an evening meal in the tranquillity of Goodwin House, we have you covered.

We offer delectable evening meals on certain nights of the week, prepared with love and featuring locally sourced ingredients. Guests are also welcome to bring their own wine and beer, which is not only a convenience but a big cost saver compared to eating out every night.

At Goodwin House, we want our solo travelers to feel comfortable, cared for, and part of our community. You deserve a homely base, and we’re here to provide that in the heart of Keswick.