Ideally located for watersports

Nestled in the heart of Keswick, Goodwin House is more than just a tranquil getaway – it’s a springboard to an exhilarating world of watersports. Situated a mere ten-minute stroll from the pristine waters of Derwentwater, we’re in the perfect location for those who love to get their feet wet and hearts pumping.

Imagine waking up and being a short walk away from the cool waters of Derwentwater, one of the most enchanting bodies of water in the Lake District. This picturesque lake serves as an adventure hub for water enthusiasts, offering a myriad of activities such as paddleboarding, kayaking, wild swimming, and sailing.

Whether you’re a seasoned watersport enthusiast or a curious beginner eager to dip your toes into something new, you’ll find no shortage of thrilling activities to immerse yourself in. Explore the lake at your own pace on a paddleboard, navigate its clear waters by kayak, or engage in a refreshing wild swim in one of England’s cleanest lakes. For those who prefer a laid-back approach, the Keswick Launch offers peaceful lake cruises with breathtaking views of the surrounding fells and forests.

But it’s not just the proximity to Derwentwater that makes Goodwin House the ideal base for your watersport adventures. After a day of aquatic activities, return to the cosy comfort of your room, where you can freshen up and unwind before heading out to explore the nearby town centre or simply relax in the tranquillity of our guesthouse.

Goodwin House is your launchpad for exciting water adventures and your peaceful retreat after a day full of action. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a peaceful paddler, or someone who enjoys tranquil boat rides, our prime location brings you the best of Keswick’s watersports offerings right to your doorstep.

Come to Goodwin House and dive into an unforgettable Lake District adventure where thrilling water experiences are always just a short stroll away!

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